Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking System in India

Monitoring the movements of your vehicles, i.e. your most costly/ valuable mobile asset with a view to increasing the productivity of your logistic business and cost reductions, besides theft protection could be ensured through some vehicle tracking system. As the name indicates, it is a compact hardware device mounted in your vehicle to remotely monitor the track of your vehicles. The device is just an on-board computer, packed with features rich web based applications and containing the communication capabilities through GPS/ GSM/ GPRS and wireless so that the necessary information about the vehicles is transmitted to the computer in the vehicle management center or also by SMS.

The Vehicle Tracking System in India will give statistics as to the movement of the vehicles in a particular period, say, 20 days, the stoppages, the speed of the vehicles, mileage done by the vehicle, routes taken from the vehicle, fuelling details and the like. Instantaneous alerts may be preplanned. For example, the vehicle attempts to take a different route than the normal route, an alert will flash at the controlling center. Minute by minute real time monitoring of the vehicle could be rendered possible, since the vehicle is always under your surveillance, though remotely. Indirectly, it results in the safety and security of your vehicles.

There are different types of Vehicle Tracking System in India like for Professionals, Logistic companies, Educational Institutions, Tour and Travel operators, Government Departments like Municipality, Police, Industrial Transporters, Defence Services, Private/ Personal Cars, etc. Many useful MIS reports and historical reports could be viewed and printouts may be taken. The actual location of the vehicle will be known at the real time. This data may be used to divert the vehicle to a nearby customer center to take loads or the vehicle may be halted at that place itself, till another booking takes place. This will avoid unnecessary to and fro movements or empty trips of the vehicles.

The data on speed, breaks for refreshments/ rest/ fuelling will be used to assess the efficiency of the drivers and also to know whether there were any unwarranted idling times in the journey. The management people at the controlling center will pass on instructions accordingly. The data will ensure effective decisions making and consequential instructions to the vehicle drivers from the vehicle management center.

Advantages of vehicle tracking system would include control of working hours, costs connected with idle time/ fuel/ communication with drivers, prevention of vehicle thefts or circuitous routes. The fact that there is a continuous watch over the fleet movements would instill a sense of responsibility in the minds of drivers.

Some tracking systems are manufactured by ISO companies and having international presence and suitable for different models or makes of the vehicles. These systems have the approval of CE/ GCF/ R&TTE, PTCRB/ FCC/ IC/ Anatel.

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